Saturday, 15 September 2012

Thank you!

A very big thank you to all you folk that came along last night, apart from the technical problems it was a great/successful night. We are looking forward to bunging some cash to QPC & Stop The Traffik on your behalf. THANK YOU!!

From JZ: We had a good night, and the band played brilliantly, but I wanna say sorry to you guys - I'm not convinced that I did the best I could last night. By the time we got on, I'd stupidly let myself get wound up by the sound quality, and other setup problems. Throughout set I could barely monitor my voice - so I'm really sorry for any squawking and off keyness!

Overall, I was very proud of the evening. Left, Bare, Headhugger & Martin Grech were awesome. I'm so chuffed to be friends with such great musicans and songwriters. I'm hoping to do another night like this very soon. It was great to have a night with no cover bands, and the chance to actually listen to orginal music in the right environment - well most of us listened. Why do musicians who aren't playing on the night love to talk through other performers sets? You know who you are - you scumbag! :-)

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