Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Press Coverage

JZ: It's always good to get press coverage, but no matter how hard one tries, it always seems to go a little wrong. So after sending a press release, having an interview and giving links to our website, this article gets the name of the album wrong, my age (but that could have been my fault - I'm a year younger - HURRAH!!), Diz Minnitt did not write an album with me, and even the heading is not right - we are not new talent - we are OLD talent! :-) I also suspect that the tone of this article will see us never getting gigs in Aylesbury anywhere ever again! :-) They could only take the pics on one day at a certain time, hence it's only me in the picture as nobody else could make the obscure time. I said to the reporter that I didn't want the article to be all about be me...but here it is!

If you are in the Aylesbury area, it would be great to see you on the 14th. Don't forget you can buy tickets in advance from the Limelight.

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