Wednesday, 26 August 2015

ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES - 3468 - The ‘new’ Zealey & Moore album.

We are both happy and sad that James, our drummer, will be leaving to attend the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford in September. So to celebrate his last 11 days in Aylesbury we will be posting one track a day to our Facebook page from our new album ‘3468’, starting on Wednesday 26th of August. You will then be able to download the whole album for free on the day he leaves.

This album was started..... and then kinda got forgotten in amongst the big long list of commitments that is life! Some of the tracks are over two years old, but a sudden burst of enthusiasm, and the sudden realisation of James’ departure over the last few months, has got it to a place where we feel happy to put it out. Those of you that who saw us a few years back at Hobble On the Cobbles in Aylesbury, may have picked up a free sampler with early mixes of some of these tracks.

It was recorded at home in Aylesbury. The whole project was based around an idea of limiting ourselves - to do a whole album that avoided using 4/4 – hence the title.
We hope you enjoy it, and join us in wishing James all the best. He is well loved and will be well missed by us.