Saturday, 29 September 2012

Stay In and Sulk EP / The Limelight update

 The free Stay In & Sulk EP that was given away at our last gig is now available to all guys who couldn't get there.

Click here to get the EP

We had a great night at The Limelight, making £240 for the theatre, and £260 for Stop The Traffik. We been given another date in May 2013 - watch this space!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Thank you!

A very big thank you to all you folk that came along last night, apart from the technical problems it was a great/successful night. We are looking forward to bunging some cash to QPC & Stop The Traffik on your behalf. THANK YOU!!

From JZ: We had a good night, and the band played brilliantly, but I wanna say sorry to you guys - I'm not convinced that I did the best I could last night. By the time we got on, I'd stupidly let myself get wound up by the sound quality, and other setup problems. Throughout set I could barely monitor my voice - so I'm really sorry for any squawking and off keyness!

Overall, I was very proud of the evening. Left, Bare, Headhugger & Martin Grech were awesome. I'm so chuffed to be friends with such great musicans and songwriters. I'm hoping to do another night like this very soon. It was great to have a night with no cover bands, and the chance to actually listen to orginal music in the right environment - well most of us listened. Why do musicians who aren't playing on the night love to talk through other performers sets? You know who you are - you scumbag! :-)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Press Coverage

JZ: It's always good to get press coverage, but no matter how hard one tries, it always seems to go a little wrong. So after sending a press release, having an interview and giving links to our website, this article gets the name of the album wrong, my age (but that could have been my fault - I'm a year younger - HURRAH!!), Diz Minnitt did not write an album with me, and even the heading is not right - we are not new talent - we are OLD talent! :-) I also suspect that the tone of this article will see us never getting gigs in Aylesbury anywhere ever again! :-) They could only take the pics on one day at a certain time, hence it's only me in the picture as nobody else could make the obscure time. I said to the reporter that I didn't want the article to be all about be me...but here it is!

If you are in the Aylesbury area, it would be great to see you on the 14th. Don't forget you can buy tickets in advance from the Limelight.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Martin Grech at The Limelight

We are very pleased, chuffed, excited, etc, etc, to announce that Martin Grech will be joining us on September 14th at The Limelight Theatre in Aylesbury. Don't forget to ring the theatre and reserve your tickets in advance.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Expanded Kill Keith Soundtrack

The expanded version of the award winning soundtrack for the motion picture KILL KEITH is now available to purchase via Amazon and all good digital stockists, and also available to stream via Spotify.



Thursday, 5 April 2012

September gig for Z&M - but not on their own!!??

We've been offered a night at the Limelight Theatre / Queens Park Centre in Aylesbury, on Friday 14th September. If all goes to plan, the night will be a songwriter focussed event (ie NO COVERS!). It will be something new (&  a wee bit scary) for us as we are getting a band together, just for this event  - it will be us plus Diz Minnett on bass & James Zealey on drums. The event will be a fundraiser for both STOP THE TRAFFIK and for QPC. We have support from Headhugger, who we believe are some of the best songwriters around. There will also be other special guests. Keep checking this blog for more info. For more info about the The Limelight CLICK HERE

Subsiren blog

Click here to visit the Subsiren blog.
Those lovely folk at Subsiren mentioned us on their blog a few weeks back. Cheers guys.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Free royalty free samples

While recording, we've been creating our own sounds and samples, and thought it could be cool to make them available to others. All the sounds are royalty free, and available to download via our website for FREE! All we ask is that you like our Facebook page in return. There's a small selection at the moment, which we intend to add to over time. It includes tambourines, guitar solos, drum loops and other effects. Visit OUR WEBSITE for more details. Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE

Radio Seagull

Des Withy from Radio seagullwill be playing tracks from POP OUT & PLAY over the next couple of weeks, as his featured album. Cheers Des!
You can hear the interview he did with us earlier in the year on Soundcloud:Click here
I don't think we were at our best, but it's worth a giggle!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Waterside cock up!

Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury have pulled the plug on the Hobble On The Cobbles event next Sunday. They've said there have been too few pre-sales to make it viable. (If they knew anything about Aylesbury they'd realise that most muso folk buy them at the last minute)  If they cared about the community, they would have at least let the free bit in the afternoon happen. They could have made money on beer sales.

There has been a lot of moaning about how it should have been free in the first place. Just because free events happen - it doesn't mean they don't cost anything. This event was a  fundraiser. The local council have no money for HOTC , I'm guessing it's all gone into the theatre. To get it back on the cobbles requires cash! And yes, I know it was on a Sunday but this was all HOTC was offered.


There is some talk of there being an alternative gig at The Green Man next Sunday. We are still waiting to hear if we are playing. We'll let you know.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New video for 'Satellite'

We've got a new video together for the song 'Satellite'. It features us plus Hannah Zealey, who did backing vocals on the track. Check out our YouTube channel for this and other new vids!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Radio Seagull Interview

Ian and I had an interview about our music with the excellent Des Withey from Radio Seagull, a Netherlands ship based radio station. The interview will be broadcast on Thursday 26th 1pm and again to International audience Friday CET. I talked (what I remember to be) mostly gibberish but Ian was on form - so let's hope Des used most of him! :-) 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Pop Out & BUY!!

The album POP OUT & PLAY is now available to buy via Amazon (and all good digital stockists). It has a few more tracks than the free download version. The free download version will still be available until the end of Jan If you want the virtual artwork, you better get in there quick!

Waterside Theatre Gig

Zealey and Moore will be appearing at the Hobble On The Cobbles event at The Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury in Feb. The day is split into 2 sections - the free bit in the foyer area is where you will find Z&M, mid afternoon-ish. After 4 o'clock you'll need a ticket. for more info please go here. Please buy tickets if you can as the venue has the right to cancel the whole event if enough tickets are not sold.

Xmas music release

Z&M have released an EP of Xmas favourites. The tracks where given away free via the net over the holiday period, and where also distributed for free, in CD format by The Bridge at Southcourt Baptist Church Aylesbury. The 4 tracks are now available to buy via Amazon and iTunes, and can be streamed for free via Spotify.

Kill Keith - soundtrack success for Zealey And Moore

John Zealey has been awarded the Scream Magazine Best Music Award 2011 for the soundtrack from the motion picture Kill Keith - a comedy horror starring Keith Chegwin and featuring Tony Blackburn and Joe Pasquale. The soundtrack, which mainly consists of John's instrumental score, also includes a couple of Zealey & Moore tracks, including 'Tank it Up' and the title track 'Dying 2 B Famous'.

The film has been on cinema release over the Xmas hols and will go to DVD in March 2012.

For more info checkout

The soundtrack can still be downloaded for free from: